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Tell Congress: Support HOME

SPEC-12-00332-SH_302591 (1).JPGSince the early 1990s, HOME funds have helped Habitat for Humanity affiliates reach the communities with the most need; whether urban, suburban or rural, HOME exclusively funds work for the poorest families across the country, including veterans and persons with disabilities.

Use the form below today to help Congress understand the importance of HOME, and urge them to support robust funding for the program in the fiscal year 20 Transportation-HUD budget. Feel free to personalize the message or send it as-is. Either way, your voice matters.


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Dear [Decision Maker],

Decent housing is where a decent life begins. I want to see a world where everyone can afford a decent place to live and, as my lawmaker, I ask you to support federal programs that make that vision a reality, including the HOME Investment Partnerships Program (HOME). Since its inception, HOME has been the most productive federal resource for low-income homeownership. HOME helps organizations like Habitat for Humanity make decent, affordable housing possible for low-income Americans who are ready to become successful first-time homeowners. I urge you to support HOME funding at $1.5 billion in the fiscal year 2020 Transportation-HUD appropriations bill.

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