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Protect Gifts that Serve Families

NOTEBOOKMAN289.jpgEveryone has a gift to give the world. If someone wants to use their gift to serve those in need, we should let them. Habitat for Humanity is blessed every day by thousands of people across the country who share our vision and give of themselves to see a world where everyone has a decent place to live.  You might be surprised by what those gifts include! For the last several decades, professional appraisers have donated their services, helping Habitat affiliates lower the cost of offering mortgage opportunities to lower-income families. U.S. law requires appraisals for every mortgage issued, so donated appraisals are an opportunity for the financial community to contribute to Habitat’s work and help Habitat save that cost to instead fund other critical services.

Changes in financial regulations included in Dodd-Frank accidentally impacted Habitat’s ability to accept donated appraisals. Thankfully, several lawmakers have recognized that oversight and have proposed legislation to fix this unintended consequence.

Use your voice today to ask your federal lawmaker to co-sponsor and support this legislation.



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Donated Appraisals: Protect gifts that serve families

Dear [Decision Maker],

As your constituent and on behalf of Habitat for Humanity, I urge you to co-sponsor important legislation (S. 2085; H.R. 3704) that would make a technical clarification to allow Habitat affiliates to continue to accept donated appraisals without violating federal appraiser independence regulations.

There is bipartisan support in both the United States House and Senate for a technical clarification as accepting donated appraisals does not align with current Dodd-Frank regulations requiring fee appraisers to receive a "customary and reasonable" fee for their services. These bills clarify that when an appraiser donates an appraisal it will be considered "customary and reasonable," thus allowing Habitat affiliates to continue to accept donated appraisals and utilize limited funding to serve other qualified families without fear of potential liability and legal risk.

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