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Make Housing a Global Priority


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There’s a saying:  What gets measured gets done.

In the world of the Millennium Development Goals, “targets” are those issues that are set with measurable outcomes and thus made priorities for governments around the world. A complete Post-2015 agenda would include SHELTER as a target goal.                                                                     


Let those setting the agenda know that YOU care about housing and want to see a world where everyone has a decent place to live. We’ll deliver this growing petition to the UN Post-2015 Open Working Group and to the U.S. Mission to the United Nations three times between now and when the Post-2015 Development Agenda is unveiled. 

We currently have 285 signatures. Help us reach our goal of 500 names by May 9, the end of the next Open Working Group meeting.
Tweet at your UN Rep. using their Twitter handle. (If they don't have one, email them. Use language from the petition below.) 
For an overview of the MDGs, click here.
Read HFHI's press release on a sustainable cities goal in the Post-2015 Agenda. 
  You make 286:









What the petition says:

As a citizen of the world, I write to ask that you ensure that one of the most foundational elements of human well-being is not overlooked in the Post-2015 agenda:  shelter.

As the number of people living in poverty continues to grow, so does the need for safe, decent, and affordable places to live. I applaud the discussion of sustainable cities and human settlements, but urge you not to stop at mere discussion.

With over 170,000 people added each day to cities in the developing world and an expected 70 percent of the world’s population living in urban areas by 2050, it is more important than ever that the new development goals properly account for importance of adequate housing. I understand that a diverse set of targets are needed to define a sustainable city, the final goals simply must ensure access to adequate and affordable housing. Failure to do so will keep the world on target to double the number of people living in slums by 2030 as expected. With decent living conditions a central component of any sustainable city, it is critical that adequate housing be included in any post-2015 development framework.

Please make it possible for our generation to see a world where everyone has a decent place to live by making shelter a priority – ideally with a housing-focused target – in the Post-2015 agenda.

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