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Turn Department of Veterans Affairs foreclosures into Affordable Housing

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) holds thousands of vacant homes (more than 9,500 homes, as of fiscal year 2013) in its REO (Real Estate Owned) portfolio due to foreclosures on VA-guaranteed loans. The maintenance of these properties is costing American taxpayers many tens of millions of dollars each year. Join Habitat for Humanity in asking the VA, White House and Congress to turn these foreclosures into an opportunity to meet the housing needs of U.S. Veterans and our nation’s military families.


  • President Donald J. Trump
  • Your Senators
  • Your Representative


Please turn the VA's REO foreclosures into Affordable Housing

Dear [Decision Maker],

I support turning the foreclosed properties currently held by the Department of Veterans Affairs into an affordable housing opportunity. I ask the VA, White House and Congress to make it possible to sell the homes in the VA's REO portfolio at a discount to nonprofit organizations that provide homeownership opportunities to lower-income Americans, including Veterans and military families.

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