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Tell Congress that Less is More - Let's Boost the Economy by Increasing Residential Energy Efficiency!

Energy efficient home Bay-Waveland

An energy efficient and sustainably built home in Bay St. Louis, MS built in partnership with Habitat for Humanity Bay-Waveland Area.


No family should have to choose whether to heat their home or buy food. Yet that’s the reality that more than 30 million lower-income families face in the United States. The solution:  increased residential energy efficiency.

Residential energy efficiency offers untold potential for savings, job creation, improvements in health and safety, and community reinvestment. Using less energy would create more opportunity, for the economy as a whole as well as for lower-income Americans.

Join us in asking lawmakers to support programs that allow Habitat to weatherize homes, improve residential energy efficiency to reduce avoidable energy costs, and boost the economy in communities across the country.


To join Habitat's efforts and send a letter to your members of Congress, fill out the form below and then be sure to share this with your friends so they can get involved too.


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Boost the economy through residential energy efficiency

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